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To: Coventry Council

Return Land in Coventry to Greenbelt

Return Land in Coventry to Greenbelt

Coventry City Council should begin a review of its local plan now, and return land to green belt.

Why is this important?

If there is hyper population growth in Coventry, - as the council claim - they are all Ghosts or Vampires.

Latest government data shows they don’t vote, don’t go to A&E, don’t have babies or send children to school , don’t have cars, don’t receive state pension or ESA benefit, don’t use gas or electricity, and don’t produce household waste. Do they exist?

3 World experts have looked at our case,- on our website- and said "it is all compelling evidence"

There is no need to build thousands of homes at Keresley, Eastern Green, Finham, Westwood Heath, Coundon Wedge, Exhall, or Cromwell Lane, for people who are not here. We can have the homes we actually need, on brownfield, and keep the beautiful Forest of Arden landscape.

We need a People’s Plan that delivers homes for ordinary people – that teaching assistants, nurses, care workers, firemen, shop workers can afford, to buy or rent – not the luxury 4 bed £400,000 palaces being planned.

For more news, events, and the full evidence, see our website

How it will be delivered

We will deliver the petition in person.

West Midlands

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Reasons for signing

  • The Council declare a climate emergency and then allow the destruction of the very land we are trying to save. Coventry has been named as one of 28 towns where air pollution will exceed legal limits by 2021. The action plan claims to have “initiatives to promote change in travel behaviour and reduce car use “ and yet they are proposing building in an area where car use will be needed
  • Currently traffic on the roads to be affected can come to a standstill at certain times..... the roads can't be widened. Bus service will not particularly improve on my street as with £400,000 houses.....most households will have multiple cars.... Broad band is already dire.....unless there are plans to upgrade the exchange.....we will have no service...... and mobile many towers are they going to have to erect to make sure everyone has signal??
  • Ancient Forest of Arden habitat needs to be protected and not destroyed for short term gain.


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