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return pension to 65 for men and women

return pension to 65 for men and women

return the pension age to 65 for men and women

Why is this important?

We are expected to work till 68 years of age.Can anyone seriously carry on doing manual jobs say a 68 yer old bricky , roofer, or a job on your feet all day, a job when you have people's lives in your hands when lets face it our bodys and sadly sometimes our minds are failing . Get a grip mrs May. We all do not sit in nice warm cosy offices with people to chauffeur us about ,we work hard, pay our taxes, we all deserve a retirement, and not to work till the day we die . People around us are lucky to reach their early seventies.Let those that have worked and paid into the system all their lives retire and create more jobs for the young and school leavers, and force the ones that refuse to work to get off their backsides and contribute.


Reasons for signing

  • I don't agree with the continual raising of our State Pension Age. I totally agree that we deserve some retirement after working for 40 odd years and am fed up with the government's attitude towards us .
  • this is the government punishing pensioners for living longer - what have we got to look forward to- poor social funding and lack of respect in care homes ?-


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