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To: Student Loans Company

Review the 3 year rule which denies British students access to student loans

Review the 3 year rule which denies British students access to student loans

Allow greater access to student loans for British students living overseas with their parents who wish to attend British Universities.

Why is this important?

British children are being denied funding from the students loan company if they have not lived in Britain for three years before going to university. This penalises children of parents who are teachers, aid workers and average British citizens working overseas.


Reasons for signing

  • I was born in the uk but left in 2009 when I was 11, because my mum got a job in oz. 6 years later we have returned home and i cannot attend university because I have not been resident 3 years prior. A stupid rule that disadvantages so many bright intelligent kids who just want to learn. Crushed at the thought that i now will not be able to peruse my career for at least another 3 years. This needs to be changed!!!
  • 3 years is a long time to wait, a unique degree could be completed in that waiting period, why are people who want to learn being forced to wait years?
  • A full British passport holder is entitled to live, study, work, NHI, pay tax, in the UK, but may not borrow in study. Many non-British birth-right people are granted this privilege, whilst our children are penalized. I believe the situation should be considered on merit (eg. Why they might choose to study in England, their financial and other circumstances, their final exam results, etc.) Waiting 3 years to start studying is counter-productive to the economy, and demoralizing to the child.


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