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To: The UK Gambling Commission

Stop reckless gambling firms

Fines are easily paid by huge gambling companies, they must lose licenses for serious misdemeanors, especially when they lead to deaths.

Why is this important?

The Gambling Commission, the industry regulator, has the power to remove operating licenses for serious failures but has not done so with a large company, preferring toothless, easily payable fines.

Multi-billion-pound gambling operators see fines as a cost of business and can carry on without the need to change.

But these failures are causing deaths, with up to 496 people taking their lives every year after becoming addicted to gambling.

One Gamesys customer was recommended new games and promotions after losing £10,000. They've been fined just £6m for serious failures, despite their parent company Bally’s having an annual turnover of close to £2bn.

The big gambling firms will never change their ways unless forced to. If they knew they could be shut down, they would be forced to behave better.

It's time to let the Gambling Commission know that they must revoke licenses for serious failures to help stop the deaths.





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