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To: Lloyd’s Bank

Revoke Lloyd’s Bank Closure (Belvedere)

Revoke Lloyd’s Bank Closure (Belvedere)

Revoke the closure of the Belvedere Village Branch.

Why is this important?

Belvedere is home to a vast number of elderly residence, many of whom cannot travel on public transport or travel at all to Bexleyheath, to use the bank.
Some of this ageing community do not feel comfortable using online banking and also may not have families to help guide them with their financial needs.
Closing the Belvedere branch will also massively affect the small businesses within the village who regularly use the bank for business and change purposes.
This bank is vital to our village and I believe reconsideration is needed regarding this closure.

Belvedere, Belvedere

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Reasons for signing

  • Essential local resource to my business. To take out at least 2 hours a week to travel to and from Bexleyheath means that we cannot serve our customers at the same time. Very shortsighted by Lloyd’s, digital services are fine but no substitute for a people counter service. Why not close Bexleyheath branch instead and get people to come to the brilliant independent shops in Belvedere Village?
  • We need a bank in the village.
  • Massive impact when Barclays was closed! We can't lose another local Bank!!


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