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To: English Football League (EFL)

Revoke the -12points for Wigan Athletic, EFL to change their systems

Revoke the -12points for Wigan Athletic, EFL to change their systems

I would like EFL to revoke the -12 points they have given to Wigan Athletic for going into administration less than a month after new owners took over. They are supposed to do a fit and proper test to check they have the finances to fund the club for the current and next season. They obviously haven't done this effectively as the new owners took over the club on June 4th and on the 1st July announced administration!
I also want them to revisit their tests and ensure this does not happen to another club.

Why is this important?

This is a massive blow to our community. Wigan have fought so hard to gain the points they have and now through no fault of Paul Cook or the players they are back to fighting to stay in the same league after being given -12 points from the EFL due to being in administration. The EFL have made errors in their tests for football owners and Wigan should not be paying that price. This could effect any club, look how many clubs have been put into administration and the EFL is supposed to be there to protect the club's. This is not just a fight for Wigan Athletic this is a fight for football clubs!

Reasons for signing

  • Efl should not get away with deducting 12 points of a team due to their own flaws!!
  • Shouldn’t have happened. EFL should take responsibility for allowing the takeover
  • EFL should not be able to punish a club for the EFL's failings. Shambles


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