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To: Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

Compensate infected blood scandal victims now!

The Government announced a compensation scheme, but victims of the scandal feel that the plans are "woefully insufficient."

Announce the creation of an immediate compensation scheme for the victims of the infected blood scandal, and their families. They cannot wait any longer for justice.

Why is this important?

The Infected Blood Inquiry has concluded that victims were betrayed over decades by politicians, and the medical profession.

The blood scandal cover up saw thousands die, as patients were knowingly exposed to unacceptable risks of infection from contaminated blood, while children and adults were used as human guinea pigs, the report found.

And it adds that slow government decision making, combined with a "doctor knows best" mindset meant guidance meant to stop unsafe practices came too late. The Government must not act slowly again in launching a proper compensation scheme. No more delays, no trying to kick it to the next government to deal with: set up a compensation scheme now.



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