To: Robert Jenrick, Minister of Housing, Communities and Local Government, and The Government

Robert Jenrick: Deliver on the governments promise to End No Fault Evictions

Robert Jenrick: Deliver on the governments promise to End No Fault Evictions

Finally deliver on the Conservative 2019 Manifesto pledge to bring in reforms that'll abolish Section 21, responsible for No Fault Evictions, as promised.

Why is this important?

During the pandemic, 700,000 renters were served with Section 21 notices, aka No-Fault Eviction notices. These allow Landlords to evict tenants without a reason at short notice, as opposed to section 8 evictions where a tenant is served on the grounds that they have broken the terms of their tenancy. Thankfully, for much of the pandemic, there has been a much needed ban on evictions, however, since the 1st of June this ban has ended leaving many renters threatened again with losing their home to these unfair evictions.

Identifying the housing insecurity Section 21 creates for renters and its link to revenge evictions and rogue landlords. The Government promised in its 2019 Manifesto to abolish No-fault evictions as part of their 'Better deal for renters' pledge. However, no such Bill to this effect has been introduced.

While there had been consultations during 2019 for a Renters’ Reform Bill, which includes the abolition of section 21, the government has since stalled excusing their inaction on dealing with the urgency of the pandemic. Now, however, given the cliff edge situation many households face, threatened with homelessness in the midst of a pandemic due to the end of the Covid ban on evictions, there is an urgency for this bill to be passed for the sake of thousands of people unfairly being evicted from their homes.

This petition calls on the government to deliver on its campaign promise now! Finally, put an end to one of the leading causes of homelessness. And make renting a secure tenancy option. Renters deserve better, No more excuses!