To: Reigate and Banstead County Council

Rocky Lane entrance off A23 is an accident waiting to happen.

Rocky Lane entrance off A23 is an accident waiting to happen.

Investigate the entrance/exit to Rocky Lane at rush hour. It is a nightmare for us on school runs to The Royal Albert and Alexandra school.

Why is this important?

Re: jct A23/Rocky Lane

The junction of Rocky Lane and the A23 is one big giant accident waiting to happen every single morning. We have to travel it 6 days a week to get to RAA. Rocky Lane is way too narrow for the kind of traffic and the amount of traffic that travel up and down it. You have a primary school near the junction which makes the junction extra busy and you even get kids crossing the street from the bus stop! There are potholes along the side of the entrance which are very bad.
Making a right is very difficult on the A23 from Rocky Lane especially with traffic turning in front of you to enter. You end up having a tailback going halfway up Rocky Lane which is just a lot of pollution. It terrifies me to drive it like no other road I’ve experienced.

It feels some temporary lights there that work at peak hours or actually move the existing lights back to include Rocky Lane might help.

It is unfortunate RAA doesn’t have an additional entrance/exit onto Gatton Park Road. This would make the school so much better and not the cause of such potential danger.

It takes me 40 minutes for a school run of 5 miles in total.

Redhill, UK

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