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To: The UK Government

Save Rolls-Royce jobs with the green power revolution.

Save Rolls-Royce jobs with the green power revolution.

Both the COVID-19 recession and climate crisis can be solved with one green economic recovery.

Why is this important?

During this time of pandemic it is not too early to plan for the aftermath. Britain will emerge into a different world economy faced with the challenges of global recession, rising inequality and poverty, and the deepening effects of Climate Change.

It is imperative to begin to plan for change, and to demand change.

We cannot abandon the workers from whole sectors of industry as we did in the 1980s. We must instead plan to change our economy, and support workers through this transition.

We must change how we obtain energy. Fossil fuel use is releasing carbon dioxide which threatens to render significantly more of our planet uninhabitable. This also threatens our food supplies, homes and workplaces with extreme weather, particularly drought and flood. Renewable energy is still being rolled out and continues to develop; it is the way forward. Any power station that you don't have to pay to put fuel into will be cheaper in the end.

Rolls-Royce should be prioritising research and investment into sustainable energy generation and storage.

The city of Derby has a workforce of artisans, engineers and scientists with world leading skills that can be put to use to build a new energy infrastructure. The 2020s should be the decade during which Britain steps into the green heat of the technological revolution.

Rolls-Royce plc. can be a leader in the green power revolution in Britain.

The people of Derby demand that that our MPs, councillors, trade unions and community groups, convene a local recovery committee to transform our city for the common good; and to assist Rolls-Royce plc. to lead the way as a 21st century manufacturer, employing the talent which will develop and make green energy products in Derby.

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Derby, UK

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