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To: West Dunbartonshire Council

Rubbish Decision

Reverse their decision to change bin uplifts from two weeks to three weeks.

Why is this important?

Many residents already struggle to manage the current fortnightly uplifts and increasing them to a three weekly period will most certainly result in the area becoming not only an eyesore but, and more importantly, a health hazard. Not everyone would be able to take additional rubbish to the depot at OK and this may well result in an increase in fly tipping.
This decision runs the risk of having rats, foxes and other animals infesting areas where dumping occurs and causing smell and increased infection risks. It will also result in other environmental issues too. There are certain times of year or occasions when residents have additional refuse which are already challenging - Christmas, birthdays, family celebrations, redecorating, new home purchases etc. If these times are already a struggle to manage with the current uplift timetables then they will become practically impossible with the proposed timetable changes.
The signatories of this petition are demanding that this decision be revoked by the council.
West Dunbartonshire

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