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To: Sports Personality of the Year Panel and BBC

Russ Cook (Hardest Geezer) for BBC Sports Personality 2024

Russ Cook to be nominated for BBC Sports Personality of the year 2024.

Why is this important?

Russ Cook run the entire length of Africa. That’s 9,940 miles. Russ ran the equivalent 385 marathons in 352 days across 16 countries. His efforts have raised over £900,000 for charity so far!

Along the way he was kidnapped, held at knife point and had numerous issues with his body that stopped him from running. Russ Cook deserves to be recognised for his efforts and I think he should be included in the nominations for Sports Personality of the year.
Let's make this happen and give the man the kudos he deserves!

Russ encouraged health and fitness and showed what the human body is capable of, if you commit your mind to something. He is nothing short of an incredible inspiration to a lot of people and more people need to hear his story!

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