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To: Theresa May.

Sack Chris Grayling.

Sack Chris Grayling.

It’s time to sack Chris Grayling.

Why is this important?

Chris Grayling isn’t fit to do his job, he has awarded a £14m contract to Seaborne Freight, a company with no ferries and no cash, without due diligence. He has overstepped the mark and stopped Thanet District Councils democratic budget setting meeting. He needs to go!


Reasons for signing

  • This man is a complete fraud, the train service in this country is a disgrace, now we have this idiotic Ferry idea and all this time just where is this Buffoon, never shows his face. Complete and utter fraudster.
  • It is disgusting to see they think that being in the government gives them the power to even be above the law.
  • Grayling is an incompetent - like the rest of the government he represents. He is stealing our money and damaging the UK.


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