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To: Parliament and the Queen

Sack David Cameron

Sack David Cameron

Call a vote of no confidence on David Cameron`s seat as Prime Minister.

Why is this important?

He is a threat to National Security.

If these scandals from his youth like PIgGate keep popping up he is a liability and open to bribery. Even if we consider that fracking is going ahead even though it is not economically viable with current energy prices seems to suggest a bribe somewhere down the line.


Reasons for signing

  • he is a tea leaf
  • The mans not safe to be left alone with a dead pigs head.So how can anyone trust him running the country.
  • The man is a compulsive lier, a cheat, and a fraud. He has no compunction, or humanity whatsoever, he is morally bankrupt, and is a proven murderer of disabled and other vulnerable groups and individuals, (alongside IDS, the DWP, et al. He, and his cabinet and non tax paying cronies and corporations are enemies of the people, and should be tried for corporate manslaughter.


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