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To: West Sussex County Council (Highways) and the South Downs National Park Authority

Safe crossing for the South Downs Way over A273 at Pyecombe

Safe crossing for the South Downs Way over A273 at Pyecombe

Install a safe crossing for pedestrians, bicyclists and horseriders where the South Downs Way intersects with the A273 (Clayton Hill)

Why is this important?

This is a very busy dangerous road, often vehicles vastly exceed the 50mph speed limit, the visibility is poor (more so in Summer with added foliage) and it is unlit.

It is unsafe to cross as a lone adult, let alone when with children and animals. I have been sworn at, swerved at and beeped whilst trying to cross. There cannot be a fatality before safety measures are installed.

The South Downs Way is part of a important 100 mile route through the South Down National Park used by walkers, runners, Scouts, students doing the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, riders of both bicycles and horses, and many local users.

Pyecombe is a small village trapped between the Downs to the North, the A27 dual carriageway to the West, and the A273 to the East (which feeds directly onto the dual carriageway contributing to the higher speeds). Being able to move without a car is increasingly difficult as this narrow route gets ever busier. It is possibly the most dangerous crossing point in the whole length of the South Downs Way, with no other viable crossing options in the vicinity.

Something must be done before someone is injured, or worse.

Pyecombe, Brighton BN45 7FQ

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