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To: Bath & NES Council

Safe Crossings for St Mary’s and RUH

Safe Crossings for St Mary’s and RUH

The Penn Hill Road crossings at the Bowls Club and the back entrance to the RUH are not as safe as they should be.

The Bowls Club crossing needs upgrading to a zebra crossing. It is where the bulk of people going to and from Weston and St Mary’s School / the RUH cross the road.

In addition, the RUH access road by St Mary’s needs a shorter crossing distance.

The specific problem with the Bowls Club crossing is that it is:

- Poorly located at pavement pinch points
- Poorly designed with a tiny central island where people end up trapped with children and pushchairs
- Confusing to drivers and crossing users
- Heavily used by children
- Clearly damaged from vehicle collisions
- It is an accident black spot

And at the RUH access roads:

- The crossing distance is very long
- The broad splays allow drivers to carry speed around the corner
- It is heavily used by children
- It is busiest with vehicles at the start of the school day

Why is this important?

Everyone and especially children need a safe environment in which to walk (or cycle or scoot).

The current poor crossing arrangements do not support council policies to enable healthy and active lifestyles, such as the ‘5 Minute Walking Bubble’

How it will be delivered

Firstly to the councillors, then directly to council.

Bath, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Completely agree with this proposal. Plenty of children going towards WASPS also use this route. It's always a nervous moment using this crossing.
  • The road is far too fast ..has been for years ..


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