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To: Glasgow City Council

Safe pedestrian crossing at Victoria Park, Glasgow

Safe pedestrian crossing at Victoria Park, Glasgow

Create a safe pedestrian crossing on Westland Drive, Glasgow between Victoria Park and Victoria Park Nature walk. Glasgow City Council need to rethink this junction for the benefit of everyone - not just those with cars.

Why is this important?

Thousands of school children, families with young children, pensioners and dog walkers regularly use this crossing to access Victoria Park especially at weekends and during morning and evening commutes which are also the busiest times for traffic.

The junction itself has a confusing (even for drivers) double roundabout and several split filter lanes which carries a wide range of traffic including busses and lorries to the stadium. Pedestrians have little protection with narrow pedestrian islands at crossing points. As this junction is confusing drivers tend to focus on looking for vehicles and not pedestrians.

Having been stuck with a pram and two young children on scooters on the narrow pedestrian island having cars drive past on either side it is extremely intimidating even for adults/parents.

In addition to Victoria Park and Victoria Park Nature Trail the crossings here also provide vital pedestrian access to Scotstoun Sports Campus, Fossil Grove, St Paul's Primary School, St Thomas Aquinas Secondary School and Jordanhill School.

Planning of this junction has effectively ignored pedestrians and the result is a dangerous and intimidating junction for everyone but particularly children.

Glasgow City Council need to urgently rethink this junction for the benefit of everyone - not just those with cars.

How it will be delivered

Now open to public consultation until 8th October 2020. Please email [email protected] to express your support for a pedestrian crossing.

I plan to meet with community councillors with a full list of petitioners and push for action to be taken.

Westland Dr, Glasgow G14, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • I agree that this is a very busy junction that urgently needs to be made safe for pedestrians crossing, and would also benefit from a safer arrangement for cyclists.
  • This double roundabout is notoriously confusing for drivers. When I was a learner driver my instructor made sure we did it over and over again as it was so tricky and caught so many people out on the test. Drivers are distracted and not paying attention to pedestrians as they're looking across the junction. There's little thought put in to the needs of pedestrians here.
  • I'm a confident cyclist but find this double roundabout tricky to negotiate. Must be even harder for pedestrians to get from one side to the other.


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