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To: UK Home Office

Safety for Maurice!

Safety for Maurice!

Safety for Maurice: grant Maurice Luzolo asylum in the UK!

Why is this important?

STOP PRESS! Today, Thursday 4 May 2017 Maurice Luzolo was detained at Dallas Court, Salford.

Maurice Luzolo is here in the UK because he was tortured in the Democratic Republic of Congo on account of his activism against President Kabila. He has been in the UK since 2010. His initial asylum claim was rejected, and his appeal failed because the judge claimed his story was inconsistent, ignoring a medical report evidencing Maurice’s torture. The court did not consider the psychological consequences of torture, especially the difficulties victims face in recalling the strict chronological sequence of events.

An activist against Kabila throughout his time in the UK, Maurice continues to fight for his right to remain here and he is now gathering evidence to overturn the judge’s wrongful ruling in 2011.

For more information, follow the link to Maurice's campaign page below.


Reasons for signing

  • Maurice is a remarkable man, and an admirable member of our community. He is a kind-hearted person and a principled activist. Maurice belongs here in the UK and he must be safe.
  • FFS, stop deporting people, especially vulnerable people to their deaths
  • This young man has suffered appallingly in his home country, and is now not allowed to create a stable home life with his wife and son. He cannot be returned to face imprisonment, torture and possibly death.


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