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To: Hampshire County Council

Safety on the Lymington Road Hampshire border

Safety on the Lymington Road Hampshire border

Reduce the speed limit on A337 at the border of Dorset and Hampshire. Additionally widen the pavement area at the corner of the A337 due to the difficulty in navigating if you are walking dogs or have children

Why is this important?

This is an accident/fatality waiting to happen. The speed limit is 40mph which is often exceeded. Several times cars have broken through the fenced border of Chewton Glenn. The pathway is extremely narrow at the bend approaching Hobourne site. There is no other way to walk across this boundary from Barton on Sea to Highcliffe. This is now a particular problem as Hobourne is/has closed off the cliff walk access to members of the public.

Lymington Road, Highcliffe, Christchurch

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Reasons for signing

  • The footpath here is very narrow & on a blind bend with no kerb to roadside & a high brick wall to the other, thereby allowing nowhere to go when meeting another pedestrian or cyclist! As a frequent user of this footpath to walk to & from Barton On Sea & Highcliffe, Christchurch & Bournemouth I feel very vulnerable at this section with the speed of the traffic coming round the bend & it's proximity to me. It is also on a bus route.
  • The footpath alongside the A337 is expected to be part of the National Coastal Path later this year. It is extremely dangerous and quite unsatisfactory for an important designated national path as it currently stands. Urgent action is required to make the path safe and/or divert it along the clifftop or the beach with a proper, accessible pathway between Highcliffe and Barton.
  • Little consultation on the closure of the coastal path which now forces walkers to use a very narrow pavement on a blind bend with a high speed limit. Vehicles have run off the road into the opposite fence by Chewton Glen - this is an accident waiting to happen


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