To: Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s to stop selling the sun in Liverpool stores

Sainsbury’s to stop selling the sun in Liverpool stores

Do to the sensitivity around the Sun newspaper and the people of Liverpool , I think it is disrespectful to them that you would sell this newspaper in your Liverpool stores. The more insulting things is that you’re hiding it under your counters , which proves that you’re aware of the sensitive nature and the hurt it causes to the people of Liverpool

Why is this important?

It’s important as it is disrespectful to the city due to the history and the nature of what the sun published regarding the Liverpool fans who attended hillsborough

Reasons for signing

  • the s*n should be banned absolute disgrace for what they did involving the 96
  • They lied. They did so for decades. JFT96 YNWA LFCFamily
  • They showed nothing bu5 disrespect to the 96 LFC fans who lost their lives and their families .


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