To: Harrow Council

Sale of iconic Safari Cinema Harrow

Sale of iconic Safari Cinema Harrow

Object to any sale or purchase of this property

Why is this important?

This building serves as a form of entertainment to the local Asian community, showing a number of Bollywood films on a daily basis. To close the Safari cinema it would put to an end years of tradition that members of the local community have enjoyed for a great many generations.

The cinema opened in 1936, featuring an art deco-style façade, and showcased a variety of films and other acts. I am keen to preserve historical structures within the Borough, which have both character and a cultural significance.

Station Road, Harrow

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Reasons for signing

  • Fed up of council selling off property for housing. Central Harrow is becoming a concrete jungle
  • Because this is a historic piece of property and it would be a travesty to see it turned into just “another block of apartments”. Let’s preserve at least something in this area.
  • I lived close to this cinema for many years and walk passed it daily there so few of these buildings left in our city.......


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