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To: Samworth Brothers

Samworth Brothers: Reinstate Kumaran Bose

We want Leicestershire based food giant Samworth Brothers (makers of Ginsters) to Reinstate Kumaran Bose, who was sacked from his job at Bradgate Bakeries after joining the baker's union, BFAWU, and encouraging more than 50% of the workforce to follow suit.

Why is this important?

The government recently introduced the Living Wage, which was long overdue. Employers have been slow and reluctant to adopt the living wage, and some, like Samworth Brothers, are guilty of trying to offset the increased costs involved by sneakily cutting other employee benefits, such as paid breaks, and anti-social hours payments. Employees like Kumaran, who has been a loyal Samworth Brothers employee for 12 years, should not be forced to shoulder the cost of introducing the living wage, and should not have to be afraid of losing their jobs if they stand up for their rights by joining a union.

Samworth Brothers, Madeline Road, Leicester

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