To: The Prime Minister

Sanction America for their cruelty to immigrant children.

Sanction America for their cruelty to immigrant children.

The US is now deciding to indefinitely incarcerate families, including children, at their borders.

Why is this important?

Children have already died in the cages at the southern border. Children are still in cages, even though the US government have been told to do something about it. The children are only supposed to be incarcerated for a maximum of 20 days - this has not been the case. This human caging of children has been going on for over a year, and now the US government want to cage the children (and families) indefinitely. The UK government needs to act and show the rest of the world that President Trump and his administration are cruel and heartless and we, as decent human beings, do not agree with such unfair and ruthless treatment of our fellow men, women and children. Sanction the US and hopefully other decent countries will follow suit.


Reasons for signing

  • trump and is cronies are evil and need to be stopped.