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To: UK govt

Sanctions on India

Sanctions on India

Uk government should apply sanctions on India. Stop all aid/trade/cooperation/visa and use all means to force India to give Kashmiri people their rights back.

Why is this important?

Indian army has been oppressing Kashmiri people since last 70 years. In the light of recent events, where India has started to extend its illegal occupation of Kashmir, human rights of people there are at stake. Kashmiri people are under siege with no freedom. India’s extremist regime is similar to Nazi regime, and minorities are facing serious risks to lives in India. There are mobs of Neo Nazi extremists, lynching innocent people on streets. Sanctions on India will force India to step back and solve the issue of Kashmir as per the will of Kashmiri people. it is our collective responsibility to protect rights of Kashmiri people and minorities in India.


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Reasons for signing

  • I signed because Kashmiri people need our support and it is right thing to do.


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