To: Department for education, Isle of Wight council, Hampshire Local Authority, regional schools commissioner

Sandown bay needs a sixth form

Advocate the need for post 16 provision in the immediate and surrounding area as an extension to the proposed school on the current Sandown Bay Academy site.

Why is this important?

The sixth form at Sandown bay has always been successful. The 2017 results were above average again, despite the turmoil created by the current uncertainties in the future of the school.

There is no alternative in the area. Transport issues including costs will put off those who are capable of post 16 study but will have to travel.

Younger students need to see a visible 6th form to aspire them to learn and give them an educational goal to work towards.

Sandown PO36 9JH

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Reasons for signing

  • This is to ensure that Sandown Bay still has The Sixth Form which AET tried to destroy.
  • This is so important, there is no alternative anywhere near.
  • The numbers may not be there right now, but as the School is reorganised, and improves, these will almost certainly go up. 6th Form must be kept open, even if only for a fixed period to see if this does happen. Saying 6F will not be provided is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Give it a chance. Stand up HCC-Fund it DfE/EFA.


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Today staff have been told there will be no 6th form at Sandown in September. There will be some provision for the existing y12s next year; they could be satellited out. Hampshire say that at least 200 students would be needed to make 6th form viable and the numbers aren't there. We had the best results on the island this year too.

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