To: Tom Tugendhat MP

Save Abdul Ali and Family from Taliban Torture now!

Save Abdul Ali and Family from Taliban Torture now!

Dear Mr Tugendhat,

I am sure that you will have seen the heartfelt interview with Corporal Vance Bacon-Sharratt on behalf of 'Abdul Ali' and his family who, among many others, left stranded in Afghanistan in mortal fear of torture and execution for being instrumental in helping and protecting our service men and women there.

We owe this family and the many others who have put their lives on the line a debt of gratitude - if not for them, we may never have the opportunity to welcome safely back as many of our own forces as we can.

Could you please forward this petition to the authorities in the best position to save their lives?

Why is this important?

Adbul Ali did everything possible re documentation, application only to be denied safe passage by not fulfilling criteria. He risked his - and his family's lives - to assist in trying to give a life free from tyranny and torture to the population of Afghanistan by assisting our forces. Now these forces are gone and these friends have been deserted and left to fend for themselves against the terror of the Taliban, ISIS and others.