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To: South Holland District Council

Save and improve the Lincolnshire Norfolk 505 bus route

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Anthony Bowen
Save and improve the Lincolnshire Norfolk 505 bus route

Protect and improve the 505 bus service from Splading to Kings Lynn

Why is this important?

For the young, those unable to drive and people living in quite isolated areas the 505 bus service has become a vital resource.

Connecting two busy towns and a great number of small villages and hamlets this vital artery of travel is the only way day to day life can continue. Villages like Fleet, like Gedney arnt serviced by shops and pubs. With no adiquate alternative these small towns will continue to be strangled.

Many teenagers in the area at one time used this service for school or for work. This service has become curtailed and trimmed to a level where it is alteady possible for these people to take their first job that would finish at 6pm or later which in turn added pressure on social support services and the wider community.

Yes this route should be continued.

However, as the lifeblood of our local community should it not be extended to allow our children and non driving people access to work in the major towns of the area.

Sign this petition if you feel people have a right to support themselves by working and looking for self improvement opportunities.

Sign this petition if you think that bus routes serve the greater community rather than the dividends of shareholders.

Sign this petition if you’ve ever finished work in the daylight and still not been able to get a bus home.

Actually, I can’t thknk why you wouldn’t sign this petition.

South Holland District

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Reasons for signing

  • I signed because being an OAP I need the facility. I also feel that much could be done to save costs by possibly reducing the frequeny of the route. It currently runs at intervals of 20 minutes. This inlcudes single dekers and double deckers. Many times, I watch the bus pass with only the driver onward. We need the service but we do not need the frequency. If it was cut to every half hour, there would be an immediate savings in costs etc.
  • So my son can go to sixth form and he'll need it to get around on travel to friends
  • To save the bus service so the kids from spalding can go to school go to university of holbeach as its cheaper then Lincolnshire County Councils Transport cost nearly £600 per year thru them


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