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To: Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council, Andy Maddocks

Save Askern and Campsall Swimming Baths

Save Askern and Campsall Swimming Baths

Cancel the closure of Campsall and Askern Swimming Baths and instead update the facilities to something that the whole community can continue to use, enjoy and benefit from without any feeling of exclusion and that it remain in the ownership of the DMBC.

Why is this important?

It is important to our Local community to have the access to leisure and exercise facilities within a 2 mile radius of our local area, which are inclusive and there for all ages enjoyment and public use without the fear of any exclusion. It is essential that these facilities are on a public transport route, with the bus stop within close proximity of the amenities as not all families and older people are privileged enough to own a vehicle to access the baths. This facility is there for the use of at least five villages and a town and must remain open to support and provide much needed recreation for ALL ages, in a place where there are very little amenities already to entertain and promote a Healthy Lifestyle. The Closure and subsequent relocation of the facilities to Campsmount Academy is unsuitable. It makes very little sense to install new facilities in an unsuitable location, when the funds could be spent on improving and modernising the existing facility.

Reasons for signing

  • we as a family use these baths 3/4 times a week and are daughter has her lessons every week. the staff are fantastic and are always happy to help we only live round corner from adwick pool but would rather come to askern pool
  • I love there has so much fun and awesome memories there
  • I myself as a child learnt to swim at the Baths so did my children. Plus we have used the facilities for other activities it would be a crying shame to let something as useful and well used get closed. Re build modernize re structure and make it carry on serving a growing community. All children should have the privilege of having swimming lessons through school and after school activities, in the area they live without added cost of travel. Do the right thing! Keep the baths open.


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