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To: Barclays Bank

Save Barclays Bank Tonypandy

Save Barclays Bank Tonypandy

We the citizens and business people of Tonypandy wish to protest most strongly at the plans to close the Barclays Bank Branch in Dunraven St, Tonypandy. We urgently recommend that you reverse your decision and keep the bank open.

Why is this important?

It is extremely disappointing news that Barclays have decided to close their branch in Dunraven St, Tonypandy, especially given the recent Council investment in the Tonypandy and our continued commitment to support our Town Centre’s. This will reduce the services available to local residents and businesses and may have a significant impact on the vibrancy of the town.


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Reasons for signing

  • The banks think of their profits not peoples needs. As said. The aged cant use online banking. Local People who dont have transport. Also how long before they close the treorchy bank. Every day of the week ur queing to the door in the Pandy Branch. Yet theyre not having as many customers as they used to?????? ALL down to profiteering. Well thats my opinion.
  • Its our local bank and it keeps people in the heart of the community and benifits everyone
  • It's so sad all our banks are closing its okay for computer literate people and people who are able to use online banking but the older generation may not see or trust anyone to get their cash for them


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