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To: Barmouth post office.

Save Barmouth post office back counters .

Save  Barmouth post office back counters .

I'd like you to consider in keeping the post office big counters open at the back of McCalls. With the last remaining bank closing there will be massive queue s to pay in wages and folk getting their pension.Also what are you trying to do to this small town not everyone does on line banking.

Why is this important?

It's important for the town not everyone does on line banking.

Barmouth Post Office, High Street, Barmouth

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Reasons for signing

  • Village post offices have all gone, those collecting their pensions already have to travel 4 miles to get their pensions. Post office also provide additional services such as insurances, phones, internet etc and for those who cannot access internet the post office is one of the last places where you can go and speak to an actual person face to face.
  • All our banks are closing the and this is the only way businesses can now bank and also we obviously need a parcel and postal service
  • Tracy perkins


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