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To: Hampshire County Council

Save South Ham Library

Save South Ham Library

Please don't close our libraries in South Ham

Why is this important?

Libraries are really important places and are the heartbeat of local communities used by young and old for a variety of activities. Hampshire County Council plans will decimate library services across the Basingstoke. the library in South Ham is under threat of closure.

These plans are unimaginative, short-sighted and further undermine community life. Libraries are more than just buildings, they are community hubs; they help educate and bring the joy of reading and learning to all. Essential services like public computers are vital to those who cannot afford them at home, a vital service in view of the Governments push to access all essential services using the internet.
We call upon Hampshire County Council to rethink their closure plans .


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Reasons for signing

  • The South Ham library is a fantastic place, we have used the library regularly with all three of our children and it has been more than just somewhere to find books. Yes we could use the town centre library but the central location in South Ham and being close to the parks encourages us to get out and walk rather than driving.
  • Don't close South Ham library. I use it regularly and saves using car parks in the centre. We need it and the children need it. Reading is so important for children as it impacts all other aspects of their learning.Because it is an important place for everyone. Elderly go there to get out and socialise, to talk to others, which they may not otherwise be able to do.
  • Don't close South Ham library. We need it and the children need it. I use it as a teacher for resources and to take the children. Reading is so important for children as it impacts all other aspects of their learning.


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