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To: North Somerset Council

Save birnbeck pier

Save birnbeck pier

Birnbeck pier is rapidly falling into a state of disrepair. The longer this is left the more the costs will escalate. NSC needs to step in and demand that the private company who own this building either repair the building or sell it to the council or someone who will. Due to the high cost of repair it may be hard for the local community to raise enough funds to purchase birnbeck pier completely but NSC could perhaps consider shared ownership. This is a plee to NSC for help.

Why is this important?

Birnbeck pier was built in the Victorian era and is the only pier of it's kind left in the country. The pier is important to westonians and those who visited the town over the years. Weston is a Victorian seaside town and our heritage needs protecting. The cost of repairing this building is enormous but the cost of the buildings demise is even greater. As many of the Victorian buildings are left to rot and ruin our tourist industry flails. Give the people of Weston back a pier which is dear to hearts of many and give tourists a reason to visit!


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Reasons for signing

  • Needs saving !
  • The pier is worth saving. Many happy hours were spent the as a child, makes me so sad to see such needless neglect.
  • I spent time in WSM earlier this year and was saddened to see the state of Birkbeck Pier. It has to be saved.


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