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To: The Blake Cottage Trust

Save Blake's Cottage

Save Blake's Cottage

To put pressure on the 3 man Blake Cottage Trust to start repairing the cottage.

Why is this important?

William Blake's Cottage in Felpham has been bought by funds from public subscriptions and a large charitable donation and is now run by a three-man Charitable Trust. It is seriously in need of repair having stood empty for over three years, but nothing is being done - yet £50k is being kept back to pay for... WHAT?

We the undersigned require immediate action to save this hugely significant building before it's too late and we lose the birthplace of 'Jerusalem.'

Reasons for signing

  • After three years unoccupied the existing roof as is needs replacing now not delayed by drawing up grandiose plans by an inept Trust who don't have the funds to do anything.
  • Blake's cottage needs upkeep now, NOT pie in the sky plans for artist's centre
  • This government is a disgrace!!!! They want to spend £15-MILLION to build a monument to a woman hated by most of the country, yet cannot spare just £50k to repair a cottage of a man who is an essential part of our cultural and literary heritage??? Outstandingly STUPID — like most of the actions of this disgraceful Tory government.


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