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To: Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, Vince Cable, Government

Save British Steel Scunthorpe

Save British Steel Scunthorpe

Save the future of Scunthorpe steel works. Securing 4000 jobs and 20,000 in the supply chain.

Why is this important?

Yet again the forgotten North has suffered at the hands of the, turn the other cheek, Tory government. Even though Scunthorpe British Steel was making a profit, the company has gone into liquidation today. The government have used excuse after excuse to avoid investing £30 million to save the site. Scunthorpe has been linked to steel for 150 years. Since Victorian times, Scunthorpe played a major role in the industrial revolution. In 1964 weekly production of steel trebled to 9000 tonnes. It played a major part in wartime weapons and vehicle production.
In 1988 it was fully privatised, facing the prospect of being undercut by cheap steel from countries such as China. Britain's steel has been renowned for its quality and supply in everything from shipbuilding to railway lines. But cheap imports were favoured above quality, causing a detrimental effect on Scunthorpe's productivity.
In Scunthorpe, to lose this major site will result in the creation of a ghost town. Poverty will rise and this government won't prevent this decimation. Yet they happily bail out banks, whose loss was created by greedy bonuses. These men and women have already took pay cuts to save the plant, yet this goes unnoticed. They don't deserve this disgraceful repeat of history. I implore this government to Save Our Steel NOW!

How it will be delivered

By hook or by crook


Reasons for signing

  • Because this government will not protect the manufacturing industries that were the back bone of growth and prosperity. They are happy to reap the rewards, but forget how for 150 years British Steel has been the heartbeat of Scunthorpe. Give back to the people that make this country great.


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