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To: Moray Council

Save Burghead Library

Scrap plans to close the library in Burghead, Moray a seaside town of c1,800 people. Burghead is over 8 miles form the nearest library and the bus service is very expensive.

Why is this important?

Our library is only open 11 hours per week and costs a mere £3-50 per head p.a. to operate. We rely on it heavily for books, internet access and as a meeting place for various town groups. This is particularly true of disadvantaged groups, especially the disabled and those without a car,. Of the 8 libraries due to close in Scotland 7 are in Moray. Cutting such a life-line service may precipitate further economic decline in a town which has lost its fishing industry.

Reasons for signing

  • Everyone should have the opportunity to read interesting books. Libraries make a community
  • Vital service for those unable easily to go into Elgin.
  • These buildings are very importatnt to young and old people, I use them often.


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