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To: West Berkshire Council

Save Calcot Children's Centre

UPDATE! 17/02/16
The centre will remain open!

Save Calcot Children's Centre

Keep the children's centre open!

Why is this important?

This centre is absolutely vital for babies and parents. Life as a new parent can be challenging and, at times, isolating. This centre is crucial for meeting other parents and getting the support needed for your baby, whether that be for weighing, feeding or any other concerns. Without it many people would have to travel to Burghfield, which is very difficult for many people in the area.


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Reasons for signing

  • A vital local resource for young children and parents.
  • Because it is vitally important we safeguard these facilities for our future generations of children and their families.
  • Since our Daughter was taken into care!! WE use this Center twice a Month. Where else do the Council expect us to use with all the toys??? Mc Donalds!!!!!


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