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To: Harrow Council Planning Committee

Save Canons Drive Trees

Save Canons Drive Trees

We do not want the Harrow Council Planning Committee to remove the Tree Preservation Orders on any of the trees on Canons Drive Edgware at the Committee meeting on 30 June 2021. They are an integral part of a historic and majestic avenue of trees unique to London. A magnificent vista would be destroyed in a conservation zone.

Why is this important?

Canons Park Estate Limited is a volunteer-led residents association established to manage and look after the Canons Park Estate in Edgware. The Estate is a designated conservation area within the London Borough of Harrow.

The main road on the estate is Canons Drive, originally a carriage drive to Canons, a stately home built for the first Duke of Chandos. Canons is now the home of North London Collegiate School.

The trees on Canons Drive include Wellingtonia (sequoia) Redwood trees and Cedar trees planted in the 1860s, making Canons Drive an avenue of one of the finest collections of trees in the country. This avenue of Wellingtonia trees is unique in London. The trees are protected by Tree Preservation Orders.

Residents living at 3 properties on Canons Drive have made a claim to their insurers following cracking in their properties which they allege is caused by tree roots from historic trees situated on the grass verges in front of their properties. The insurers have applied to Harrow Council to remove the protection provided by the Tree Preservation Orders in respect of 5 trees (3 Wellingtonia and 2 Cedars) with the aim of felling all 5 trees, thereby destroying the beautiful landscape.

We the undersigned wish to notify the Council of our objection to the removal of the protection provided by the TPOs. There are known solutions to repairing each property that (it is alleged) have been impacted by the continuing presence of the trees. These solutions would leave the trees in place rather than threatening their removal. The removal of the trees would irreparably harm the stunning vista created by these fine specimens which line Canons Drive. These magnificent trees are greatly appreciated by residents and visitors to the Canons Park Estate

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Harrow, UK

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