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The Problem is that CBBC Will be Axed in 2025 and will be moving to online!!!

Why is this important?

Throughout the past 20 years, CBBC had brought us nothing but quality (and more importantly fun) children's TV. Things such as The Sarah Jane Adventures, Tracey Beaker and The Sparticle Mystery can be considered some of the greatest TV shows every made. However, it was announced earlier today that it will be axed in 2025 because apparently children now prefer streaming methods such as Disney + and Netflix. CBBC's biggest shows far outperform Disney + giants on a regular basis, Netflix's children's section is so small it might as well not exist and fun fact: Netflix is over $16 Billion in debt ,so streaming isn't actually a popularity giant like everyone makes it out to be!

Don't let CBBC fall because of what are essentially lies!



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