To: Kirklees Council

Save Cemetery Road Allotments, Huddersfield

Save Cemetery Road Allotments, Huddersfield

We the undersigned demand that Kirklees Council save the much loved Cemetery Road allotments from being bulldozed.

Please help us preserve Huddersfield’s natural heritage and protect the allotments by rejecting any proposed development of the site.

Why is this important?

Academic research makes clear the social, mental and physical well-being benefits provided by community green spaces. In addition the Public Health Agency has identified numerous benefits of allotments to the community, including the promotion of good mental health, physical activity and nutrition, as well as the encouragement of social interaction. Our plot holders come from many different cultural backgrounds and some have been on the same plots for 35 years and feel that they are too old to start afresh.

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Reasons for signing

  • I have a plot in Brighouse & rumour is rife we are going to loose our plots to Housing? As the council are under pressure to build over 3000 houses in the area
  • I remeber the hollow feeling when Sycamore avenue (Golcar) went for the same reason. Robbing the future to pay for the present mess.
  • You can't beat having allotments around, it's one of the things I love about Hudersfield. They are such a gift to the community and keep people active and communicating, especially in this day and age when the 'community feel' is missing and people spend less and less time up and about and actually conversing with neighbours, unless of course in the future we all want couch potatoes who sit on their ipads with virtual allotments


2018-03-20 01:32:21 +0000

lots of press coming in. this story is so sad: "BULLDOZERS WRECK PENSIONER'S ALLOTMENT whilst he is in HOSPITAL. Kirklees Council rushing through plans to tear up plots .... " -->

2018-02-13 05:20:42 +0000

Excellent lead news story from BBC Look North for our campaign and allotments in general! please watch and SHARE THIS!
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Some great press just in with timely information from Sport England:

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