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To: Elias Mattu

Save Central Youth Theatre Wolverhampton from the Funding Cuts

Great news! After intense public pressure the Central Youth Theatre has secured a grant from Wolverhampton City Council for another year (minimum). This is a great win and ensures that the theatre can continue to reach out to the youth of Wolverhampton. A big thank you to all of you who supported this campaign.

Save Central Youth Theatre Wolverhampton from the Funding Cuts

Dear Elias,

We recognise this is a difficult time for Wolverhampton City Council and the unpalatable decisions you are needing to make, however we urgently ask you to look again at the proposal by officers to end the grant support to our Central Youth Theatre in April 14.

Within our business planning cycle, we are projecting to be self financing in 15/16, however we were relying on receiving a grant in 14/15 to help us develop plans to secure other sources of funding.

Our premises at both the market and the Newhampton Arts Centre are being affected by the cuts, putting even more pressure on the future of our Charity. We also need support to explore a potential asset transfer of council properties so that we can establish our own base and set up a business model that generates us additional income.

I know Councillor Mattu you understand the voluntary sector very well and the major impact we have on peoples lives. You described the implications of the proposals as 'catastrophic', however for CYT, a relatively small contribution from the Council goes a long way and gives us a fighting chance to survive. Please reconsider your proposal/decision and help provide life changing oppportunites for many more young people for years to come.

Why is this important?

Over 30 years 1,800 young people have participated in workshops, performances, international tours. We provide apprentices, work experience and employment. Many of those young people credit the youth theatre for changing their lives, helping them to develop their careers - not just through skill training in the arts but also through confidence building, increased self esteem and team work. These young people are ambassadors for our city, they can help to build it's future. Wolverhampton needs creative talent in these dark days.

How it will be delivered

In person and by email.


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Reasons for signing

  • Jane Ward has achieved so much with CYT and provided so many opportunities for young people, they should be supported.
  • CYT provides many opportunities for young people: it is somehting which the Council should continue to support rather than withdraw funding.
  • Sick of cuts to esteem building, fun, opprtunity etc


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