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To: David Ross Education Trust

Save Charnwood College Swimming Pool

Save Charnwood College Swimming Pool

To take action and stop the closure of the swimming pool facility at Charnwood College in Loughborough.

Why is this important?

The closure would be a disaster for residents and the community. It is the only local pool which provides one to one swimming lessons to disabled children and adults. For many disabled children and adults this is the only activity they do a week.

Swimming is such an important life skill for children as they grow up. It has so many benefits

The Swim School at Charnwood College has been stopped as a result of the pending closure. How many are going to miss out?

Charnwood College Pool offers the ethnic community an ideal place to swim in a private environment where there are no windows so users cannot be seen from anyone outside. The Ladies Asian group for example who have swum at the pool for many years will no longer be able to swim.

Swimming is invaluable for mental health and physical well being and the effects of exercise in water is well documented:

If David Ross Educational Trust go ahead with their plan to close the pool it will be a complete disaster and the sad loss of a well loved and much used pool. So many children and adults will miss out.


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Cllr. Dr Julie Bradshaw MBE

Cllr. Paul Boldrin


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