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To: South Kesteven District Council

Protect Stamford's Green Space - Save Cherryholt Meadows

Protect Stamford's Green Space - Save Cherryholt Meadows

SKDC - Please support our objections to application no S19/1475 - Proposal for erection of 33 affordable dwellings and associated works, in the meadow off Cherryholt Road, Stamford PE9 2EP

Why is this important?

The development of this land will be against the wishes of the residents of Bowman’s Mews, Cherryholt Road, Priory Road, Adelaide Street and others close by, whose quality of life will be negatively impacted by the proposed development, on an area of precious public open green space.

Stamford Town Council, Stamford Protect Our Green Space and the Stamford Civic Society are also calling for the application to be rejected and will be lodging their own letters of objection with SKDC, as will many residents.

Our reasons for objection are as follows –

The development of this site will cause a significant loss of well-used green space within our community. Green space in Stamford is precious and must be safeguarded for future generations. SKDC policy states that all existing open spaces including allotments, parks, equipped play space, sports pitches and informal natural open space, route ways and corridors should be protected

Stamford was the first town in the country to create a conservation area in 1967 and it has this to thank for the fact that over the following 47 years much of its historical architectural heritage has been retained. The proposed development site borders the very edge of the conservation boundary and any developed should improve or enhance the conservation area and not detract from it.

Part of the proposed site is a flood risk area, by the river Welland. National and local planning policy states that development on flood risk areas should be avoided wherever possible.

There will be a significant negative impact on local wildlife and other flora and fauna. South Kesteven District Council policy states that the Council will protect biodiversity and work in partnership with all relevant stakeholders to facilitate the conservation, enhancement and promotion of the biodiversity and geological interest of the natural environment throughout the District.

Development on this site would be detrimental to the setting and outlook of the 800 year old St.Leonard’s Priory, a grade 1 listed building, and a key part of Stamford’s heritage. Most locals visit the priory via the path from Cherryholt Rd to avoid the busy Priory Rd, and usually walk the path in the meadow to better take in the views of the Priory, and extend their walk. A development here would stop this practice and have a real impact on the enjoyment, and visitor numbers to the Priory.

The additional traffic flows caused by this development will exacerbate existing safety issues for residents most particularly where traffic joins Priory Rd from Cherryholt Rd.
Given the existing safety concerns over this junction we propose that this be examined by LCC Highways Officers and the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership.


For many nearby residents, particularly those in Bowman’s Mews there will be significant loss of amenity particularly due to:

- Overlooking & loss of privacy
- Shading / loss of daylight
- Overdevelopment and over-overcrowding of the site, out of character in the area.

How it will be delivered

In person to South Kesteven District Council


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Reasons for signing

  • James Swift
  • We already have too many developements currently in Stamford. There is also a move to apply for 1000 new homes on land known as Quarry Farm, this is the first stage of a multiple plan which will extend from the BP garage on Casterton Road, to the new sports complex
  • Because far to much of our Green Space has already been lost. don't need anymore houses we don't have enough local jobs for the citizens we have got far to many big local businesses have closed. Why bring more people into the area when we don't have enough jobs for the people we have got. We don't need more houses we need businesses building on former industrial sites like Newages site and on the land near Morrisons to support the residents and family's we already have.


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