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To: Committee of Chorlton Irish Club

Save Chorlton Irish Club

Save Chorlton Irish Club

Chorlton Irish Club is under threat of closure. A meeting has been called for April 3rd at which it is expected that plans to close the venue and sell the site will be put to a members’ vote.

We the undersigned believe that the venue is central to the life of the Irish and wider local community. We request that the committee withdraws their proposal to sell the site and allows time for alternative plans to save the club to be developed and assessed.

Why is this important?

1. The following is a list of groups/classes that have used the club over the past 12 months approx (split into broad categories of ‘Irish’ and ‘Community’):

Irish: Keegan Academy dancing classes, Sunday music sessions, Tara O'Carolan music classes, St Lawrences GAA, Singing Sessions, Carousel Sessions (folk concerts), Irish Mancunian (film/culture), Dancercise/Reel Deal, Roscommon Association, Mayo Association, Mcr Irish Language Group, NW Uilleann Pipers, Echoes of Erin, Set Dancing Festival, Irish Community Care, Mirk Over the Irk (Irish/Jewish concert)

Community: Chorlton Comedy, Bop Local, St Johns Primary School PTA, Tickle Your Fancy, Temptation/Pretty in Pink, Silent Party People, Fusion, Still Wild, Funked It Up, Soul Town, Body Sculpt, Pregnancy Yoga, Zumba classes (adult & children), Dance Like A Mother, Salsa classes, Arabic Dancing, Dancing in the Dark

The club is also used for a wide range of private functions such as birthdays, christenings, funerals etc.

2. The club stopped accepting new membership applications via its website on 6th March 2019. Only members will be able to vote at the EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting). The club's website states that it is owned by its members.

3. The committee’s proposal, as stated in an email to members on 6th March 2019, is as follows:
“…it is proposed that the Club premises is sold and that the Irish Association should live on as a charitable trust, working together with the Irish Association Golfers in raising money via various annual events - including the annual dinner dance - and supporting relevant local causes and charities.”

4. The "Friends of Chorlton Irish" group opposes plans to close and sell the club. Our email address is

5. Please consider ticking the box for email updates and also adding a comment when signing. Please share widely. Many thanks.

Chorlton, Manchester

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Reasons for signing

  • This is a club very close to my family in manchester and helps teach the younger generation of irish growing up in manchester the traditions and commeradatory of the irish people which is very important
  • We held a flamenco dance/guitar accompaniment workshop there recently. I also attended the chess club a couple of times. Closing this club would be a great loss to the community.
  • Been a massive part of the Manchester Irish community over the years


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