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Save Clevedon Donkeys

Save Clevedon Donkeys

Please sign the petition to save Clevedon Seafront donkeys.

Why is this important?

Donkey rides have been around since Victorian times and brought joy to many.

They are well cared for and looked after with owners who fulfil their needs and carefully ensure that the donkey's wellbeing is at the forefront.

They are happy and fulfilled donkeys who bring joy to adults and children alike and deserve to remain a staple of a visit to Clevedon. They are regulated by the local licensing authority and enjoy their work and spending time with the people of Clevedon. Please don't let this lovely tradition go.

Clevedon, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Healthy, clearly well looked after and happy donkeys. My daughter's visits to Salthouse Fields wouldn't be the same without seeing and riding Jacob. An innocent tradition with no cruelty involved.
  • I care for the 4 retired donkeys from Matt . They arrived in excellent health and obviously well cared for and loved.
  • I used to help out with these lovely donkeys in my teens. Well loved and cared for by owners


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