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To: Freeman St college


Keep Community Learning Skills Hub open

Why is this important?

I study at the CLS college on Freeman st. Soon to be shut down in 3 months which is dramatically upsetting. So many pupils attend and they are very happy. Most people cannot attend a bigger setting.

Unfortunately for some they cannot travel far or they can’t be in a bigger place. Helping in any way Would mean a lot for so many people and myself by fighting to keep it open.

This place is a place that I actually can have my study as for many issues before hand. I can speak for many other students too. The college is so welcoming and very nice teachers and staff. There is plenty of students that everyone gets along with. We are a little community and would like as much help as we could possibly get.

**In order to help, anyone that could contact this lady called Janet Goodwin. She can help fight, to keep it open. Her email is: [email protected] and her phone: Telephone: 07927494208.**

No one should have too move to a different college because of the place shutting down. People are upset and would love it to stay open and to continue to work from there. Would be much appreciated if we can keep this place open and help give many students a place to learn and feel comfortable and get there qualifications they deserve.

No one should have to loose there education because of something like this. Much help is appreciated.

Students here are very keen to work and to build their futures. Moving to a different college will disturb to where they left off. This can lead them doing more time of college when it isn’t needed. Students have achieved so much and will continue doing so. Students feel safe and happy in the working environment, this is another reason why we are keen to keep this place open. We want to welcome more people and continue to keep this college open. Thank you very much for reading.

Let’s keep this place open.

Freeman Street, Grimsby

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