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To: Oxford City Council

Save The Cowley Chestnut Tree

Save The Cowley Chestnut Tree

Stop the proposed felling, and place a TPO on the Cowley chestnut tree.

Why is this important?

Chestnut trees are now on the endangered list, and more must be done to preserve mature trees like this one that can adsorb 1 ton of carbon dioxide in their lifetime, and emit 260 lbs of oxygen a season.

Local residents are incensed public amenities have disappeared from the area in recent years, and now want to take a stand to protect this much valued chestnut tree.

This chestnut tree was originally planted by the Gibbons family that ran a bakery on the site approx 100 years ago, and this tree is the only surviving feature of 'Old Cowley' and should be protected by a Tree Preservation Order, for the prosperity and amenity of future generations.

1,500 signatures will trigger a extensive debate at Oxford City Council on the Cowley Chestnut Tree.

How it will be delivered

Delivered by hand to the leader of Oxford City Council, and electronically onto the Oxford City Council's web page designated for petitions.

Reasons for signing

  • Beautiful old trees are removed far too often because someone thinks they are in the way. It takes decades or even centuries for these icons to grow. They need to be saved!
  • This tree is really valued by Cowley residents. The City Council must reconsider this big mistake, and keep our amenity.
  • When the last fish is caught & the last tree is cut down. We will quickly learn that you cannot breathe money


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