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To: Gloucestershire County Council

Save Dursley's 62 bus service!

Save Dursley's 62 bus service!

The Cam & Dursley Transportation Group wants Gloucestershire County Council to find a way to restore the 62 bus service between Dursley and Gloucester.

As of 2 September 2018, the 62 bus serving Bristol, Berkeley and Dursley will no longer continue to Gloucester; this means the hourly service to Gloucester will be reduced to every two hours.

Why is this important?

For as long as anyone can remember, there has been an hourly service between Dursley and Gloucester. Bus operator Stagecoach says they lose £80,000 a year on this route and are reducing this service to every two hours. We want GCC to find a way to restore this service, which a local resident calls 'a lifeline', by exploring other options, e.g. subsidies, community transport, another bus provider. Otherwise, these cuts will be devastating for:

Workers and students: will need to leave an hour earlier to get to work or college and wait an hour later to return. For example, some will need to get a 6.38 bus as the next bus at 8.38 is too late.

Cam Rail Station: will no longer have an hourly bus service to the station and commuters may be forced to drive, increasing pressure on parking.

Hospital patients: will no longer have a timely way to make appointments at hospitals in Gloucester and Dursley.

Mental health service users: will now be forced to arrive an hour before their centres open; cafes and shops will not be open when they arrive.

Businesses: fewer shoppers coming into Dursley and Gloucester.

Rural communities: Berkeley will be impacted by no longer having a direct route to their nearest city, Gloucester.

The environment: more people will be using cars to make journeys that they could once do by bus.

GCC's Local Transport Plan says they will: "work with transport providers to provide an appropriate level of service throughout the day, evening and at weekends to link communities with employment, education, health services, retail centres and enable connectivity between bus and rail services". We call on GCC to restore this service and honour this plan.


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Reasons for signing

  • Dursley NEEDS a regular bus service to Gloucester
  • Public transport keeps us all connected.
  • People needed the bus service to get to hospital appointments, less confident people will not drive in the cities.


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