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To: Senior Management DXC

Save DXC Chesterfield

Save DXC Chesterfield

Withdraw the decision to close the Deliver section of DXC at Chesterfield and the decision to make other redundancies throughout the company.

Why is this important?

This is a worrying time for employees of DXC in Chesterfield, their families and the wider Chesterfield Community.

The workers at DXC Chesterfield provide services to dozens of customers from this site including critical services and a number of public sector organisations. We want to save these high skilled jobs for Chesterfield and are very keen to ensure that the vital services provided with pride and care at Chesterfield, can continue to be provided from Manor Offices.

If these job cuts go ahead, the impact on the local community and the local economy of Chesterfield will be widely felt throughout the town.


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Reasons for signing

  • DXC need to listen to their staff. The Clients will suffer, even more than they do now!
  • DXC seem to believe at there staff are just numbers and don't have lives, they just put in lip service to requirements and not walk the walk
  • because i wanted to keep my dads job as he doesn’t deserve to lose it


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