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To: The Planning Inspector; and Haringey Council

Save Ermine Road and Plevna Crescent open spaces in Tottenham

Save Ermine Road and Plevna Crescent open spaces in Tottenham

These sites are rich in wildlife, but have been neglected. Now a private developer wants to build over them. The Council has rejected the applications but the developer has appealed.

We want the Inspector to reject the planning appeal by the developer; and Haringey Council to actively support an alternative future for the site to make it better for people and nature.

Why is this important?

Contact with green places and nature is important for our well-being. Ten thousand new people are coming to Tottenham as a result of planned development. But Tottenham has lost many green open spaces - so we need to save and improve what we have left.

Tottenham, London

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Reasons for signing

  • To support Tottenham green spaces - I don't live very near but all green space will help people here
  • We have enough concrete and tarmac we need more green spaces and simply more fresh air. Destruction of green spaces cannot be an option.
  • Green spaces preserve our sanity and quality of life, time to demolish the concrete jungle, not to increase it.


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