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To: Liverpool City Council

Save Everton Library

Save Everton Library

Allow Signature Living, to save Everton Library, from falling down. It is our intention, to return this building to its former glory as a Library. In order for this building to be commercially viable, the vast amount of capital receipt will be generated from its event space. It will also act as a beacon for jobs to the local area, as Signature `Living intend to create a hub for apprentices to gain jobs in all areas of online, hotel and building areas.

Why is this important?

It is important for our City that we no longer allow buildings to either crumble or be burned down, as the last two listed buildings have found their fate. In my view we have lost too many of our buildings that have represented the skyline of our City.


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Reasons for signing

  • Apart from saving the building. This will be given back to the people of Everton.. let’s be proud of our buildings and our communities as well.
  • Brilliant building and if anyone can return to its former glory its Lawrence Kenwright
  • As with other historical properties it needs to be maintained as a library or repurposed and not bulldozed like many other buildings in Liverpool with architectural provenance!


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